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Default MIDI Note Values

Introduction A really short and simple tutorial here, but another bit of fairly unknown information which can help you no end if you are constantly drawing MIDI notes within your Pro Tools sessions. MIDI Notes There are a number of ways in which you can add MIDI

New Track Shortcuts

Introduction In this tutorial I’ll shed light on some nifty shortcuts to speed along the production process and let you show off your keyboard prowess to your jealous peers. They’re pretty straight forward and easy to learn and use, so keep reading to make adding new tracks

Keyboard Commands Focus

Introduction I am sure you are aware by now how shortcuts within Pro Tools offer a much quicker editing processes, but were you aware of ‘Keyboard Commands Focus’? Commands focus is essentially a way of using single-key shortcuts as opposed to having to press various modifier keys

The Smart Tool

Introduction It is likely that the first things you were shown during your introduction to Pro Tools were the tools available at the top of the edit window. You will see the Zoom tool, Trim tool, Selection tool, Grabber tool, Scrub tool and finally, the Pencil tool.

Numeric Keypad: In Depth

Introduction The numeric keypad as you may already know is a very handy tool which controls a range of features within Pro Tools, but did you know that the numeric keypad has three available modes which completely change its performance? The three options available are Transport, Classic

Mix Window Shortcuts

Turning Tricks Some tasks can take a long time if you are clicking here there and everywhere, but there are a few neat tricks you can use to speed up some of the processes in the mix window. Copying Inserts/Sends to another track How: Hold down Option