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Using Playlists Within Multitrack Sessions

Introduction When in the studio tracking a large number of microphones at one time, such as a drum kit, a session can quickly become messy an unorganised as more takes and dubs are recorded as well. Pro Tools thankfully thought ahead and offers a solution in ‘playlists’.

Pro Tools 11

Introduction There has recently been a lot of talk regarding when the next version of Pro Tools will become available to the public, the hype then increased on April 1st when many websites joined in on the fun of April fools sharing a mock release of the

Efficient ADR Sessions

Introduction I’m sure if you are already reading this then you are most likely aware of what an ADR session is, it has been called a number of things but I always refer to it as ‘Automated Dialogue Replacement‘. It is pretty much the process of re-recording

Universe View

Introduction If you have learnt one thing about the way I like to work from reading my articles on this website, it is probably that I like to be able to navigate around my sessions as quickly as possible to ensure I make as much of the

Undo History

Introduction Many things offered from the digital realm of sound production are taken for granted, most of all the ability to revert backwards when you have made a mistake. I’m sure even people who still favour towards analogue mixing can appreciate just how useful the undo function

Open Sessions With Inactive Plug-Ins

Introduction This is another brief tutorial which will show you a little trick to open your sessions without any active Plug-ins. When would I need this? I hear you say… Well the occasion may arise where you want to quickly check something within a session or make

Pro Tools 10: Clip Gain

Introduction So Pro Tools version 10 is here with 50+ new features, one of which is the new Clip Gain function which we will be looking at in this tutorial. It is probably best to clear up first of all that from version 10, regions are now

Pro Tools | First

Introduction So it’s that time of the year where musicians and engineers eagerly anticipate what Avid are going to launch  to the world, and this year we have seen something very unexpected indeed…..a free version of Pro Tools! First Avid have announced Pro Tools | First while lots

Chord Symbols

Introduction Song writers and composers who use Pro Tools to create their songs will often find themselves collaborating with other musicians, it may be to add another instruments or perhaps even sending their sessions off to get orchestrated and transcribed for performers. The sessions sent will need