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Introduction In our opinion, the worst thing you can come across as a post production mixer is a bad quality recording, the classic saying of ‘You can’t polish poop‘. While there are many brilliant plug-ins for removing noise, clicks, and pops, reverb is still a very tricky

Default MIDI Note Values

Introduction A really short and simple tutorial here, but another bit of fairly unknown information which can help you no end if you are constantly drawing MIDI notes within your Pro Tools sessions. MIDI Notes There are a number of ways in which you can add MIDI

Edit Modes

Introduction Pro Tools features four main edit modes, Shuffle Mode, Slip Mode, Spot Mode, and Grid Mode (there are some combination modes that will be discussed later). Edit modes decide how regions are affected when moved or trimmed, they can also have an effect on the way

Pro Tools 11

Introduction There has recently been a lot of talk regarding when the next version of Pro Tools will become available to the public, the hype then increased on April 1st when many websites joined in on the fun of April fools sharing a mock release of the

Keyboard Commands Focus

Introduction I am sure you are aware by now how shortcuts within Pro Tools offer a much quicker editing processes, but were you aware of ‘Keyboard Commands Focus’? Commands focus is essentially a way of using single-key shortcuts as opposed to having to press various modifier keys

Strip Silence

Introduction After recording numerous takes all across your session, you will be left with a lot of regions. It is likely that only a small amount of the regions recorded will contain information which you actually require, the rest will be made up of silence and the

Pro Tools 10: Clip Gain

Introduction So Pro Tools version 10 is here with 50+ new features, one of which is the new Clip Gain function which we will be looking at in this tutorial. It is probably best to clear up first of all that from version 10, regions are now

Fully Automatic: Plug-in Automation

Introduction The vast majority of us use plug-ins instead of hardware when mixing, it would seem that the times they are a-changin’! Likewise, gone are the days when engineers would record the effects in real time – now you can automate the controls of a plug-in just

The Track List

Introduction You will notice to the left hand side of both the Mix and Edit windows within Pro Tools is a list of the tracks within your currently open session, and despite its simplistic appearance, there is much more to this tool than meets the eye. This