Region Muting


Ever had an audio region somewhere on a track which you don’t want to hear right now but might want to later? Have you been creating new tracks or even automating the volume to keep a region quiet? Introducing region muting…

Region muting is another little hidden gem within Pro Tools which will very simply allow you to mute/unmute any selected region within your session.

How To

First select the region you would like to mute.

Quick Tip: An entire region can be selected by clicking in the bottom center of a region with the smart tool.

Next you will need to go to the Edit menu and select Mute Regions, notice how that region has now turned a grey colour and will no longer play out until unmuted.


To reverse this edit (unmute) simply select the region again and from the Edit menu select Unmute Regions.



This can be done much quicker with the use of a single shortcut; CMD_M (Mac) or CTRL_M (Windows) will mute/unmute any selected region depending on its current state, much quicker than having to navigate through menus!


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