Record Modes

Introduction In this tutorial we will be looking at the different recording modes available to you within Pro Tools, while users are of course aware that you can record within Pro Tools, most newcomers may not be aware of the various recording types available and may be

Custom Headphone Mix

Introduction Headphone mixes can have an enormous effect on the quality of a performance. Poor headphone feeds can make it hard for vocalists to establish their pitch, and rhythmic instrumentalists may struggle to feel the groove of a song. Headphone mixes are usually a little more complex than

Introduction To Equalisation

Introduction When it comes to mixing, the aim is to get the best sound from each instrument while making sure they all play nice with each other, ask a number of engineers how they begin working on their sessions and you can be pretty sure they will

A New View On Waveforms

Introduction If you have used Pro Tools even for simple tasks, you are no doubt familiar with the fact that each audio clip will display a representation of its content, but did you know that the software offers a few options in what is displayed? More importantly,