How to Fix Protools 12 CPU Overload Error Message


Pro Tools is an impressive audio-editing software program that is being used by the mainstream industry. Composers, recording artists, and film studios are using the program to give them the output that they are looking for when creating audio.

The software program has been around thirty years ago, and it can run on both Windows and iOS operating systems. Sometimes, when editing the audio using Pro Tools, there are errors that would appear instantly, crashing the whole system.

The following information will give the user some tips on what they should do if they encountered one of the most common errors in the system – the CPU overload error message.

What is the CPU Overload Error Message?

The CPU overload error message is one of the most common issues when running Pro Tools. Because of the amount of RAM required by the software program to run correctly, the computer had to work hard for the program to run smoothly.

When there are too many applications running on the background, the computer might run into this error. Computers that have low RAM and are using Pro Tools for audio editing are advised to upgrade their RAM to a higher value so that they can edit their works much better.

Without the RAM, most computer software programs would either run slow, or crash. The CPU overload error message appears on screen to warn the user that the capacity of the CPU has been reached, and it is now going into an overload phase which can be dangerous for the system.

What happens when the computer detected that the CPU is starting to overload?

Once the computer detected that Pro Tools is the software program that causes the CPU to overload, the system will display the error message and most of the time, the program will crash. This can be a distressful scenario for those who are editing their projects and were not given the chance to save their work.

The computer would display the error message to inform the user about the dangers of pushing the CPU too hard, and then after the program has been terminated, the system would go back to normal and its RAM usage would go down. The user must be responsible enough to find out why it is happening more often, and try to look for solutions that would resolve the problem.

What can be done to avoid the error message from showing up on the screen?

The error message can be prevented from showing up if the user will try to de-activate and remove the native plug-ins installed on the system that will be used later on by Pro Tools. The message will appear once the computer detected that you are pushing the CPU on its limit, and it will eventually result to the system crashing without your work being saved.

To monitor the CPU, you can visit the computer properties through Windows, then choosing System Usage, and then look at the computer’s CPU usage meter. CPU meter that is greater than 80% would mean trouble for the software program, and you should being deactivating native plug-ins when using Pro Tools.

Look for the one that causes the spike in the CPU usage and try to stop it. Use a plug-in that uses less RAM, and you can choose to bounce or commit the audio to start anew.

Sometimes, it can also be used to edit out the part when the error message came in.

Another alternative for those who are using a more recent version of Pro Tools (like the 12.5 version and higher) would be deleting the Click Track plug-in, because it is known for the experts users of the application as one of the causes for CPU Overload issues. Users can also shift from real-time bouncing to offline bouncing to see how the program would respond.

Enabling the Dynamic plug-in processing command located at the playback engine can also increase the chances of removing the error message from appearing on the screen. The optimization of the software program is also important when trying to resolve the issue.

The internet as a great source of information and solutions for the error message

If you cannot understand the instructions above, you can always look for the answer online. The best places to visit online are forums dedicated on resolving computer related issues.

The error message that appears on the computer while using Pro Tools can be resolved in a few minutes by experts who are online. People who have purchased the software program and failed to use it properly are the ones who are more likely to consult the internet for additional information on how to resolve the issue.

The CPU overload issue has been going on for quite some time, and according to those who have successfully resolved the issue themselves, they had to update their systems because they think of the error as a bug.

Thankfully, for some who are able to upgrade their systems, the issue started to fade into the oblivion. According to those who have created the software program, Pro Tools would sometimes act up if the system is not upgraded into the latest versions.

Based on the experience of those who have resolved the issue, upgrading their CPU is the best way because the error message would stop from displaying the annoying updates.


Pro Tools is an amazing software program that managed to help a lot people who wanted to become professional audio editors. The software program that was developed thirty years ago is still undergoing massive transformation and updates, keeping their market closer.

If you have been using Pro Tools for years, you should understand that the software program demands a lot of RAM for the computer to run smoothly. If you are editing audios for a living, make sure that you will do everything to make the system work.

Otherwise, using the software program without thinking about the system would have an unpleasant result. Be mindful of the system you are working on, and put up a lot of effort to protect it from breaking down.

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