Default MIDI Note Values


A really short and simple tutorial here, but another bit of fairly unknown information which can help you no end if you are constantly drawing MIDI notes within your Pro Tools sessions.

MIDI Notes

There are a number of ways in which you can add MIDI notes to your Pro Tools session, this tutorial is relevant if you draw notes in manually. I’m sure that if you are familiar in working with MIDI information that you can adjust a note’s velocity which is basically how rapidly or forcefully a key was played, this is a value between 0 and 127, you can also change the length of that note.

When you click and draw a new MIDI note within Pro Tools you will notice that a default length and velocity value is set, now while this value can be adjusted, what are your options if these values aren’t satisfactory? Thankfully Avid allow you to define a default velocity and length value of drawn MIDI notes, let’s take a look!

Default MIDI Values

When editing MIDI you will see a small bar of relevant information at the top of the edit window, as shown below:

Notice the note symbol as well as the number to it’s right, this is where those default values can be set, simply click those values and as easily as that you can provide both a note length and velocity value number which will then be stored as defaults! Arguably not one of the most important features available within the DAW, but if you know you want to draw a load of notes in all of a specific length and velocity, this is something that could save you a lot of time in stretching notes and adjusting within the MIDI editor! Just another tool for the Pro Tools belt!

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