Clip Rating


Another very short tutorial here, but one that will teach you about a little feature of Pro Tools that can help you when looking to narrow down a range of recordings to only the finest, the ability to rate clips (or ‘regions’ if you are pre version 10).

Clip Scores

Pro Tools allows you to give each and every clip of your session a score between 1 and 5, this is particularly useful when working with a session full of multiple takes, whether it be as a reference to yourself when you are comping down later on, or to help the next engineer whom you may be passing the session onto.

How To Rate

Clips can be rated in a number of ways, the first way is to highlight it and then navigate to the menu Clip > Rating and then select a rating from 1 to 5.

You can also achieve the same thing by right clicking the clip and then selecting a rating from the drop down as shown below.

Quick Tip: Selected clips can be rated during playback by using the shortcut Command + Option + Control (Mac), or Control + Alt + Start (Windows), and then typing the rating value on the numeric keypad (1-5).

Display Ratings

You may find that ratings are not visible within your sessions, to show them simply navigate to View > Clip > Rating, this same menu will work should the ratings be visible and you wish to hide them from view.

You will then see the clip rating shown within the clips just underneath the clip title, as shown below.

Final Words

So there’s another quick tutorial on a relatively unknown, yet very helpful feature. It always helps if you can get into the habit or being organised with all of your sessions as it doesn’t take a great amount of extra time, and will be of great benefit should anyone ever need to take on a session from you. Thanks for reading!


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