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Making The First Audio Recording With Pro Tools

Before you hit that record button for the first time there are quite a lot of things to take into consideration. Using Pro Tools for recording requires certain hardware setups that are quite different from all other production scenarios. For example, if you are mixing a song, you

Recording MIDI With Pro Tools

MIDI and virtual instruments were one of the biggest game changers in music production and are the fundamental tools that a lot of producers use. Some producers rely solely on MIDI programming and samples or virtual instruments for their productions. The most beautiful part about it is

Editing Techniques in Pro Tools

In this digital era, the capabilities we have with our DAW’s are simply off the charts – and editing is one of the processes that are immensely facilitated by digital audio. No wonder they call it Pro Tools as it has so many tools we can use to

Using Pro Tools To Master Your Songs

If you type audio mastering into Google and hit enter you will find so many different definitions that it is no wonder some people sarcastically call it a dark art. Thing is, most artists (and a lot of people who call themselves “engineers”) don’t really understand the mastering

Creating a Click Track

Introduction One of the most important timing tools during a studio recording is usually the click track or ‘metronome’ as it should really be called. This helps the performers to stay in time during their takes, but more importantly ensures that all of the instruments come together in

Using Playlists Within Multitrack Sessions

Introduction When in the studio tracking a large number of microphones at one time, such as a drum kit, a session can quickly become messy an unorganised as more takes and dubs are recorded as well. Pro Tools thankfully thought ahead and offers a solution in ‘playlists’.

Efficient ADR Sessions

Introduction I’m sure if you are already reading this then you are most likely aware of what an ADR session is, it has been called a number of things but I always refer to it as ‘Automated Dialogue Replacement‘. It is pretty much the process of re-recording

Visual Mixing: A guide to the Phasescope

Introduction In this modern age of DAW’s, touch-screens, laptops and government austerity packages, we can all get a little hung up on using our eyes instead of our ears. A prime example is when dialling in compression settings; we should be listening to what the compressor is

Reading The Signals

Introduction Following on from my previous tutorial on the Phasescope (here), I thought it would be useful to look at metering in a little more detail. This article will run through the basics; the differences between the analogue and digital domains, types of meters and offer a