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System Usage

Introduction A frequently overlooked element of using Pro Tools, or any other digital audio workstation for that matter, is the processing limit of your system. We hear never ending stories of people asking us why their system is sluggish while recording even within small sessions, when most

Clip Rating

Introduction Another very short tutorial here, but one that will teach you about a little feature of Pro Tools that can help you when looking to narrow down a range of recordings to only the finest, the ability to rate clips (or ‘regions’ if you are pre

Region Grouping

Introduction With the release of Pro Tools 7 came a new feature known as ‘Region Grouping’, it’s pretty self-explanatory as to what it can do within your session, but this tutorial will show you how to work with the feature and when it may be particularly useful

Edit Modes

Introduction Pro Tools features four main edit modes, Shuffle Mode, Slip Mode, Spot Mode, and Grid Mode (there are some combination modes that will be discussed later). Edit modes decide how regions are affected when moved or trimmed, they can also have an effect on the way

Understanding The Session File Structure

Introduction You may have noticed that when you create a new session, a folder is created which contains a number of files and additional folders, most people have no interest in what is going on here but it can never hurt to have an understanding of what

Using Playlists Within Multitrack Sessions

Introduction When in the studio tracking a large number of microphones at one time, such as a drum kit, a session can quickly become messy an unorganised as more takes and dubs are recorded as well. Pro Tools thankfully thought ahead and offers a solution in ‘playlists’.

Pro Tools 11

Introduction There has recently been a lot of talk regarding when the next version of Pro Tools will become available to the public, the hype then increased on April 1st when many websites joined in on the fun of April fools sharing a mock release of the

Universe View

Introduction If you have learnt one thing about the way I like to work from reading my articles on this website, it is probably that I like to be able to navigate around my sessions as quickly as possible to ensure I make as much of the

Keyboard Commands Focus

Introduction I am sure you are aware by now how shortcuts within Pro Tools offer a much quicker editing processes, but were you aware of ‘Keyboard Commands Focus’? Commands focus is essentially a way of using single-key shortcuts as opposed to having to press various modifier keys