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Static Mixing vs Dynamic Mixing in Pro Tools

Anyone who has ever witnessed a live performance will tell you that a performed musical piece will have a great dynamic range – moments ranging from very low amplitude to very high. Even the most basic song will have a chorus that is slightly louder or a bridge that

Time-based Effects in Pro Tools

In simple words, time based effects are signal processing units that add delay to the audio they are processing. So why not just call the article “Delay Effects in Pro Tools”? Quite simply, because most of the effects we will talk about are not perceived by the listener

Best Audio Interface for Pro Tools in 2018

Most modern day project studio setups are centered around a computer, an audio interface and a plethora of MIDI devices and musical instruments. Contrary to classic studio setups where the centerpiece of the studio was the console, most project studios nowadays use an audio interface for mic

Top 10 of the Best Compressor Plugins for Pro Tools in 2018

Tony Visconti, the producer of David Bowie amongst others, has once said that compression is the sound of rock’n roll. It’s not hard to see why when you look at the artistic implications of this technology. But what does a compressor actually do to sound? In short, a

Best Keyboard for Pro Tools in 2018

Whenever we talk about Pro Tools peripherals the bottom line is deciding which product can help us accomplish the most given the same amount of time. All peripherals are simply workflow tools, and even though they will not make your mix better, they can definitely help you

Best CPU for Pro Tools in 2018

I often stop and think about how amazing it is that nowadays there is a mathematical algorithm that can emulate almost any physical process or device – all the gear in the world can and probably has a plug-in simulation somewhere out there. I am very glad

Best Mouse For Pro Tools in 2018

If you have ever spent hours working on a mixing session using a traditional mouse device you already know about all the frustration that comes along with this setup. Traditional mouse devices give the user very limited options when it comes to transport, zoom and toggling different

Best Pro Tools Control Surface Reviews for 2018

As the processing power of music production systems is continuously increasing, the digital mixer seems to be less and less frequent in newer studios. It seems that the choice falls between an analogue console or, in lower budget studios, DAW control surfaces. There are multiple reasons for

Top 9 Best Plugins for Pro Tools in 2018

Every time you see a picture of a professional recording studio there is the mixing console and then there are racks and racks of what seem to be complicated devices – it all looks like a spaceship to most. So what do all these devices do? What