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Making The First Audio Recording With Pro Tools

Before you hit that record button for the first time there are quite a lot of things to take into consideration. Using Pro Tools for recording requires certain hardware setups that are quite different from all other production scenarios. For example, if you are mixing a song, you

Best Christmas Gifts for Pro Tools in 2018

It’s the season to be jolly! – well, not yet, but it’ll soon be so you really have make up your mind and write that letter! Like me, I am sure that each one of our readers has a Pro Tools setup in his/ her head that

Recording MIDI With Pro Tools

MIDI and virtual instruments were one of the biggest game changers in music production and are the fundamental tools that a lot of producers use. Some producers rely solely on MIDI programming and samples or virtual instruments for their productions. The most beautiful part about it is

Editing Techniques in Pro Tools

In this digital era, the capabilities we have with our DAW’s are simply off the charts – and editing is one of the processes that are immensely facilitated by digital audio. No wonder they call it Pro Tools as it has so many tools we can use to

Best Budget Microphone Preamp for Pro Tools in 2018

If you have ever researched the specifications of one of your microphones you probably came across the sensitivity of your device. It is usually written as  “x” mV @ 94 dB SPL / 1 Pa. ( “x” being an arbitrary value, Pa or Pascal being a unit

PCIe Audio Interfaces for Pro Tools

We recently took a look at some of the best external audio interfaces on the market. Thing is, there is a whole other universe of audio interfaces, internal, which come in the form of PCIe (or PCI, if older) cards that are quite different in i/o options

Using Pro Tools To Master Your Songs

If you type audio mastering into Google and hit enter you will find so many different definitions that it is no wonder some people sarcastically call it a dark art. Thing is, most artists (and a lot of people who call themselves “engineers”) don’t really understand the mastering

Best Active Monitors for Your Pro Tools Setup in 2018

You might have the ideal setup – great workstation, amazing plug-ins and the coolest instruments around. All these things are basically worthless unless you have a good pair of monitors so you can actually listen to what you’re doing. So what makes a pair of monitors “good”?