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Chord Symbols

Introduction Song writers and composers who use Pro Tools to create their songs will often find themselves collaborating with other musicians, it may be to add another instruments or perhaps even sending their sessions off to get orchestrated and transcribed for performers. The sessions sent will need

Sharing To SoundCloud

Introduction With social media sharing at an all time high, many websites are offering ways for artists to share their work to the world, one website in particular which has taken the foreground in allowing you to share your sounds is ‘SoundCloud’. SoundCloud was founded in 2007

Setting Up Busses

Introduction In this tutorial we will be looking at ‘bussing’, for those who are not familiar with the term, it basically refers to a number of signals being routed together so they can be adjusted or have effects applied to them as a group. For this tutorial

Display Preferences

Introduction In this article we are going to be looking into the options available within the Display tab of the Pro Tools preferences. Pro Tools offers a great range of features and tweaks within its preferences, with enough attention, these little changes can become as useful to

Numeric Keypad: In Depth

Introduction The numeric keypad as you may already know is a very handy tool which controls a range of features within Pro Tools, but did you know that the numeric keypad has three available modes which completely change its performance? The three options available are Transport, Classic

Voice Control: A Guide To AIR Talkbox

Introduction When Digidesign released Pro Tools 8 back in 2008, they introduced their new line of plug-ins made by their Advanced Instrument Research (AIR) team. A few years on and I bet some of the more peculiar AIR plug-ins are just gathering digital dust in most people’s

Mix Window Shortcuts

Turning Tricks Some tasks can take a long time if you are clicking here there and everywhere, but there are a few neat tricks you can use to speed up some of the processes in the mix window. Copying Inserts/Sends to another track How: Hold down Option

Fully Automatic: Plug-in Automation

Introduction The vast majority of us use plug-ins instead of hardware when mixing, it would seem that the times they are a-changin’! Likewise, gone are the days when engineers would record the effects in real time – now you can automate the controls of a plug-in just