New Track Shortcuts


In this tutorial I’ll shed light on some nifty shortcuts to speed along the production process and let you show off your keyboard prowess to your jealous peers. They’re pretty straight forward and easy to learn and use, so keep reading to make adding new tracks to your session a snap.

At one with the keyboard

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste switching back and forth between your keyboard and mouse? The reason keyboard shortcuts are programmed into software is that keeping both hands firmly on the keyboard saves time, improves efficiency and makes you look awesome.

Opening the New Tracks Dialogue – Shift_Command_N (mac) Shift_Control_N (Windows)

Select track type – Command_up/down arrows (mac) Control_up/down arrows (windows)

Select format (mono/stereo etc) – Command_left/right arrows (mac) Control_left/right arrows (windows)

Select timebase – Command_Option_up/down arrows (mac) Control_Alt_up/down arrows (windows)

Add track(s) – Command_+ (numeric keypad) (mac) Control_+ (numeric keypad) (windows)

Remove last row – Command_-  (numeric keypad) (mac) Control_- (numeric keypad) (windows)

Navigate between ‘number of new tracks’ fields – Tab (navigate down) Shift_Tab (navigate up)

Re-order tracks – Oh wait, there isn’t a shortcut for that! Come on AVID sort it out..!

Final Words

If you spend a couple of minutes learning these quick shortcuts, they all use the same couple of modifier keys and arrow principles so it shouldn’t take long, you’ll benefit greatly from saving time when recording and mixing.

Please let us know if this has helped any of your productions using the comments below or via Twitter .

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