The Smart Tool

Introduction It is likely that the first things you were shown during your introduction to Pro Tools were the tools available at the top of the edit window. You will see the Zoom tool, Trim tool, Selection tool, Grabber tool, Scrub tool and finally, the Pencil tool.

Addictive Drums: Multitrack Mixing

Introduction Addictive drums is a great sounding virtual instrument with much to offer! From the plug-in you can customise your kit, adjust bleed levels for individual microphones, and even use the inbuilt effects to mix as you please without any additional plug-ins! If your’e like me though,

Riding On Waves

Introduction In this tutorial we will be looking at the ‘Vocal Rider’ plug-in released by the audio plug-in giants Waves. The principle of the plug-in is that it will automatically, after a little tweaking, ride the fader of your vocal tracks to help them sit more comfortably

Open Sessions With Inactive Plug-Ins

Introduction This is another brief tutorial which will show you a little trick to open your sessions without any active Plug-ins. When would I need this? I hear you say… Well the occasion may arise where you want to quickly check something within a session or make

Pro Tools 10: Clip Gain

Introduction So Pro Tools version 10 is here with 50+ new features, one of which is the new Clip Gain function which we will be looking at in this tutorial. It is probably best to clear up first of all that from version 10, regions are now

Pro Tools | First

Introduction So it’s that time of the year where musicians and engineers eagerly anticipate what Avid are going to launch  to the world, and this year we have seen something very unexpected indeed…..a free version of Pro Tools! First Avid have announced Pro Tools | First while lots

Chord Symbols

Introduction Song writers and composers who use Pro Tools to create their songs will often find themselves collaborating with other musicians, it may be to add another instruments or perhaps even sending their sessions off to get orchestrated and transcribed for performers. The sessions sent will need

Sharing To SoundCloud

Introduction With social media sharing at an all time high, many websites are offering ways for artists to share their work to the world, one website in particular which has taken the foreground in allowing you to share your sounds is ‘SoundCloud’. SoundCloud was founded in 2007