Mix Window Shortcuts

Turning Tricks

Some tasks can take a long time if you are clicking here there and everywhere, but there are a few neat tricks you can use to speed up some of the processes in the mix window.

Copying Inserts/Sends to another track

How: Hold down Option (mac) Alt (windows) and click&drag the insert/send to another track

Why: Useful for when you need to use exactly the same settings on another channel, or if you want to use settings as a starting point.

Moving Inserts/Sends

How: Click, drag and release!

Why: Even pro’s add inserts on the wrong track from time to time

Bypassing Inserts/Sends


  • Command_Click (mac) Control_Click (windows) an insert to bypass it.
  • To bypass all inserts/sends on a row Command_Option_Click (mac) Control_Alt_Click (windows) an insert.
  • To bypass inserts/sends on selected channels on the same row Shift_Command_Option_Click (mac) Shift_Control_Alt_Click (windows) an insert.

Why: When you are recording, mixing or editing anything that saves mouse-clicks is essential! Time is money!

Deactivating/Activating Inserts

How: The same principle as above, except use:

  • Command_Control_Click (mac) Control_Start_Click (windows) to toggle one
  • Command_Option_Control_Click (mac) Control_Alt_Start_Click (windows) to toggle all on one row
  • Shift_Command_Control_Option_Click (mac) Shift_Control_Start_Alt_Click (windows) for selected channels (same row as before).

Deactivating/Activating Tracks

How: As above except:

  • Command_Control_Click (mac) Control_Start_Click (windows) the Track Type Indicator to toggle a single track
  • Command_Option_Control_Click (mac) Control_Alt_Start_Click (windows) to toggle all tracks
  • Shift_Command_Control_Opt_Click (mac) Shift_Control_Start_Alt_Click (windows) to toggle only selected tracks.

Quick Tip: The same finger-bending modifier keys as above can be used when soloing, muting, record-enabling, Input-monitoring (HD only) and using solo safe…

Setting Multiple Track I/O’s


  • To set all tracks to the same input or output use Option_Click (mac) Alt_Click (windows).
  • To set selected tracks to the same input or output use Shift_Option_Click (mac) Shift_Alt_Click (windows).
  • To set all track inputs or outputs in ascending order use Command_Option_Click (mac) Control_Alt_Click (windows).
  • To set selected track’s inputs or outputs in ascending order use Shift_Command_Option_Click (mac) Shift_Control_Alt_Click (windows).
Why: These shortcuts are great when setting up a session’s routing. Setting inputs in ascending order is great when gearing up to record live drums.

Setting Faders to Zero


  • Option_Click (mac) Alt_Click (windows) the fader for one track
  • Shift_Option_Click (mac) Shift_Alt_Click (windows) for all selected tracks
  • To bring all session faders to Zero, Option_Click (mac) Alt_Click (Windows) a track name which will select them all from which you can then use the shortcut above for all selected tracks.

Setting Multiple Outputs


  • Control_Click (mac) Start_Click (windows) the track’s output for one track
  • Option_Control_Click (mac) Alt_Start_Click (windows) for all tracks
  • Shift_Option_Control_Click (mac) Shift_Alt_Start_Click (windows) for selected tracks.

Why: You can route tracks to multiple outputs for use with headphone mixes, monitor feeds or other parallel mix scenarios.

Opening and Closing Plug-in windows

  • Open an additional plug-in window: Shift_Click (mac & windows)the additional insert button(s)
  • Open windows for each channel of a multi-mono plug-in-in: Option_Click (mac) Alt_Click (windows) the channel selector button (see video)
  • Close all open plug-ins: Option_Click (mac) Alt_Click (windows) the close button on any open plug-in

Show Send Assignments

How: Command_Click (mac) Control_Click (windows) on a send assignment letter

Why: A great tool when you are using sends for a headphone mix.

Final Words

The finger-yoga style shortcuts described above will hopefully become a valuable asset in your mixing bag of tricks. Do let us know if you liked the tutorial by leaving a comment below or on Twitter.

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