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How Much Does ProTools 12 Cost?

How Much Does Pro Tools Cost? Users often wonder how they can buy Pro Tools and how much the different models and versions cost. In this comprehensive guide, we explain the pricing and feature differences between various Pro Tools options. Pro Tools First Offers Local Storage Let’s

Best Computer for Pro Tools in 2019

Over the last 5 years, computers have gotten smaller and more powerful.  A new laptop today is usually more powerful and more capable than a similarly priced desktop from just a few years ago.However, if you aren't planning to move your studio setup around a lot, then

Working with OMF and AAF files in Pro Tools

Transferring non-linear audio and video when working with sound for picture is accomplished by the use of OMF or AAF files. So what are they, how are they created and how do you work with them in Pro Tools? An OMF (Open Media Framework Interchange), which is

Taking Control of Pro Tools with a DAW Controller

I wonder what producer out there doesn’t imagine himself/ herself in front a large format mixing console when they think about what they do. However, most project studios nowadays do not employ a console in their setup for two obvious reasons: cost and size. However, most of

5 Best Virtual Drum Plugins for Pro Tools in 2018

What do all successful records have in common? Great production? Not all of them. Good lyrics? Some of them. A great beat? Yes, that’s the one – a ¬†great beat. Before the dawn of electronic instruments if you wanted a great beat on your record you first

Top 10 Best Synthesizer Plugins for Pro Tools

Every time someone tells you “these are the best 10 …” and he/ she is talking about music gear, stop listening, or start listening with a very critical ear. We make a lot of top ten articles ourselves but I invite you to read them in with

Using Pro Tools To Sync Music & Sound To Picture

While Pro Tools is best known for its audio creation and editing abilities, it has a feature that most people are unaware of and never use and that is the video engine. While you cannot create or edit video with Pro Tools, you can definitely add it

Best Christmas Gifts for Pro Tools in 2018

It’s the season to be jolly! – well, not yet, but it’ll soon be so you really have make up your mind and write that letter! Like me, I am sure that each one of our readers has a Pro Tools setup in his/ her head that

Best Budget Microphone Preamp for Pro Tools in 2018

If you have ever researched the specifications of one of your microphones you probably came across the sensitivity of your device. It is usually written as ¬†“x” mV @ 94 dB SPL / 1 Pa. ( “x” being an arbitrary value, Pa or Pascal being a unit